Blocking IP Addresses: A Waste of Money!

Should someone piss you off to the point of really wanting them gone, DO NOT take the expensive option of blocking an IP address. It’s foolish and an utter waste of money. Yes, I’ve heard of people doing that here on WP. Blocking an IP address is a waste of time and money! An IP address is changeable. Switching a motum off and back on … Continue reading Blocking IP Addresses: A Waste of Money!

Deal Breakers

There are a number of issues which I am extremely hard on and will not budge. They are deal breakers in the relationship department…. from casual acquaintances through to romantic partners. I base my opinions on education and life experience. This list is probably not exhaustive nor is it in any particular order. Am I judgmental and harsh with a dose of hard-core bitch mixed … Continue reading Deal Breakers

Reality Punch in the Face

The last couple of days I’ve been especially honest in my reactions to people. I am finding more and more that I am most certainly my mother’s daughter! She was loved and respected by many… and intensely disliked by others. Daddy described my style of communication as a reality punch in the face earlier today. I tend to agree. There are those who love it … Continue reading Reality Punch in the Face

DIY Diva

I’m only a few years into the DIY thing. Most of my projects have been smaller things like painting a room, the entire interior of my home or my cabinets. Yes, I do consider big painting projects to be “small”. Perhaps I should use the word easy rather than small. Anyhow, I’ve been on a DIY bent once again. Over the last few weeks I’ve … Continue reading DIY Diva