Hold onto your hat

The other day I posted about being battle ready with the trustee. Daddy and I walked into a face-to-face meeting with him on Tuesday. I was grounded, calm, cool, collected and incredibly prepared. I walked in with a plan and legal documents and information backing me. I prepared a letter demanding action in areas he’s broken the law with California Probate Codes listed and notifying … Continue reading Hold onto your hat

Porn / Fetlife Addiction

I share myself and my life openly here. Today I’m sharing that I’m hurting and really heartbroken. I’m confused and overwhelmed. Honestly, I’m outraged and humiliated, as well. I am NOT seeking advice or opinions about what to do in this situation. I am simply putting my feelings and experiences forward. It’s hard enough to walk this path. Porn addiction has hit the McDaddy home. … Continue reading Porn / Fetlife Addiction