Self-Esteem & Negative Feedback

“Fools’ names & faces appear in public places” is a saying I grew up hearing from my mother. The saying has many good lessons in it. In my family, there was also an often spoken message of don’t try, because you may fail and make a fool of yourself. The whole message became nicely wrapped up in this little phrase. Good and bad connotations alike. … Continue reading Self-Esteem & Negative Feedback

Another Sexy Saturday Night

My eyes are rolled so far back in my head right now i can hardly think typing those words! lol Sexy is anything but what tonight is. Daddy’s at work and i’m at home slowly working my way through chores. Our house is still a construction zone. *sigh* Hopefully it’ll be over soon. It won’t be soon enough!!! Without a kitchen sink it’s harder than … Continue reading Another Sexy Saturday Night

Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!

When I first joined Facebook I did what everyone did…. look up old friends, classmates, exs, co-workers, distant relatives. Curiosity. Hey, I wonder whatever happened to (blank)? I stumbled across my very first boyfriend. Let’s call him, Todd. He gave me a paragraph update on his life. Brief, polite. Ending with “My wife and I don’t allow friends with ex’s in our relationship”. I was … Continue reading Ex’s are ex’s for a reason!

Good Morning!

Daddy and i stayed up really late last night, so i’m just getting up. It’s almost 11:30! We watched The Flintstones last weekend on regular cable. i was hoping to find it again, but no such luck. It was awesome watching Fred & Barney get into their shenanigans!!! i’d forgotten just how much i loved that show! Today is Daddy’s last day of work for … Continue reading Good Morning!