Succulent Savage Says….

I started this blog with the intent of sharing my life as a little living in a full time DD/bg relationship with my Daddy. Just like a full time relationship, my vanilla life has entered into my blog. You’ll see bits and pieces of all aspects of me as a person including my kinky marriage. 😉 i met Daddy on FetLife looking for my Forever … Continue reading Succulent Savage Says….

Primal Fur

Last night it was cold and our bedroom was downright frigid. Fur was necessary! Our ever growing collection of coats, jackets, mittens, stoles, hats and other warm fuzzies were layed out for warmth and the luscious feeling they add to sex. I’d forgotten just how much I love my vintage raccoon jacket. It’s gorgeous, makes me feel sexy as Hell and is so warm! It … Continue reading Primal Fur

Kinky Work

Good morning! Work is going beautifully. I’ve found ways to incorporate my witch craft and creative business into my BDSM/kinky lifestyle. It makes it all that much more fun!!!! A friend came over the other day and we crafted a sex potion that kicked up the heat in my sex life! Lust like a teenager from just a sprinkle of this potion. *giggles* Yes, I … Continue reading Kinky Work

What makes you feel like a woman?

I was scrolling through FetLife this morning and saw this question posted in a woman’s group. The original poster shared she’d asked the question in a TG support group online and gotten some really interesting answers and thought she’d ask in an all-inclusive women’s group. I’ve been tumbling this around in my head for several hours now. Come along on the journey with me. Perhaps … Continue reading What makes you feel like a woman?