Menopause is a bitch!

That’s right. I said it. Menopause is a bitch! I want to talk about sex and aging. It’s one of those things we don’t talk much about as a society. It’s on that hush-hush taboo list. We talk around it, but not about it. It’s time for some real talk! I had no idea that men’s balls sag with age, sometimes dropping into the toilet. … Continue reading Menopause is a bitch!

What makes you feel like a woman?

I was scrolling through FetLife this morning and saw this question posted in a woman’s group. The original poster shared she’d asked the question in a TG support group online and gotten some really interesting answers and thought she’d ask in an all-inclusive women’s group. I’ve been tumbling this around in my head for several hours now. Come along on the journey with me. Perhaps … Continue reading What makes you feel like a woman?

Count Dracula… Oh My!!!

I started watching the old black and white Dracula movies with my father when I was around 4. Obviously, I didn’t understand the sexual undertones at that age. I still remember the beautiful women lying in bed wearing gorgeous nightgowns and being taken by surprise by the handsome, yet frightening Count Dracula. Vampire movies and books are still my favorite. The seed of a kink … Continue reading Count Dracula… Oh My!!!

Happy Summer Solstice

Tomorrow I will be celebrating the summer solstice in the Redwoods with Daddy and the puppies. I’m looking forward to this particular holiday. It’s a fire festival dedicated to the sun, the beginning of the harvest season and abundance among other things. The Goddess I work most closely with, Aine, is the traditional Goddess honored this solstice. Winds of change are blowing in our life … Continue reading Happy Summer Solstice