I’m tired of being sick! *whining*

For the last month I’ve been on and off antibiotics and prednisone for a sinus infection that just won’t go away! I started the miracle combo right away and had a horrible side effect to the antibiotics. 😦 It’s known to cause tendonitis in the Achilles heel. I’d taken it several times with excellent luck. This was not the case this time. *sigh* I’ve been … Continue reading I’m tired of being sick! *whining*

Biblical Submission Hits American Politics

Sorry, I don’t have the technical skills to make the article itself visible in my post. Perhaps someone call share with me how to do that? Anyway, I ran across this article in my Facebook feed and was extremely offended by how the article is written and how the friend who shared it was presenting the concept of submission to a man. https://thefederalist.com/2020/10/05/how-strong-women-like-amy-coney-barrett-submit-to-their-husbands-with-joy/?fbclid=IwAR11c4721MdnOKNwKyr8BcyVGN2jUgvZ8OvEa1NFtNJpcZaK60MgLL-eK5s The new … Continue reading Biblical Submission Hits American Politics

Have you ever….

I love doing these silly things. 😉 Join me in a bit of fun. Bucket List. Put a heart if you have done it. Let’s have a little fun! I’ve done a few! •Been Married ❤️•Been divorced ❤️•Fell in love ❤️•Skipped school ❤️•Watched someone give birth ❤️•Watched someone die ❤️•Been to Canada •Ridden in an ambulance ❤️•Been to Hawaii ❤️•Been to Europe•Been to Las Vegas •Been to Washington D.C•Been to Texas •Visited Florida •Visited Mexico •Seen the Grand … Continue reading Have you ever….

kitten’s kitchen

Spent pretty much all day in the kitchen cooking yesterday. i started early with spaghetti sauce for dinner. Next thing you know i’m making apple cranberry sauce to can followed by hand pies and a regular pie. Everything from scratch! While i was cooking Daddy was upstairs cleaning house. Laundry, vacuuming, dusting, putting a new piece of furniture together. We were busy. Dinner was good … Continue reading kitten’s kitchen