Count Dracula… Oh My!!!

I started watching the old black and white Dracula movies with my father when I was around 4. Obviously, I didn’t understand the sexual undertones at that age. I still remember the beautiful women lying in bed wearing gorgeous nightgowns and being taken by surprise by the handsome, yet frightening Count Dracula. Vampire movies and books are still my favorite. The seed of a kink was planted, nourished and grew beautifully as I grew into adulthood.

Being lured into submission is one of my top turn-ons. Feigning innocence all whilst wanting to be taken advantage of and used for pleasure. Oh my!!!! Isn’t that almost exclusively what the vampire story is all about? That terrible, dirty, handsome monster made me do it!!!! *Fainting from the shock of what was done to me only to be rescued by another handsome man*

I’m surprised it took so long given our combination of kinks. Count Dracula found his way into our air-conditioned bedroom a few afternoons ago. Swept off my feet, lured into the dark side, taken into the other world to forever be the slave of the Count. No longer responsible for my own wants, needs, desires… my only responsibility was to blindly submit to Him in all ways.

A Vampire has the ability to draw their victims in with their voice, their eyes, mind control through the power of suggestion. They are always exceedingly attractive. How could an innocent not be drawn into their web of blood, death, and sex? The bite is only the beginning!!!

I’m hoping The Count will return again soon…. I am, after all, His lifelong slave.

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