Happy 4th of July!

It’s a quiet day in the McDaddy household today. No fireworks or big BBQ’s. Daddy’s watching reruns of Andy Griffith on TV. The boys are snuggled up napping in between bursts of hard core puppy smack down. I’ve spent most of the day cleaning house.

I started off with a magickal bath ritual to cleanse and protect myself. The bathtub is my very favorite place to meditate. Smudged myself and Daddy followed by the rest of the house. Daddy followed me around clapping to change the energy in the house. I set a physical protection boundary around the house. There was a lot of negative energy in and around the house to be sent a packing. It feels balanced here again. I started cleaning the house and yards once the ritual was done. I feel accomplished.

My friend called this morning to tell me about her dating event yesterday and the date she has today. She kept asking me what my plans are for today. I’m excited for her and delighted she’s having so much fun. I am pleased with a quiet day at home setting things back in order again. There is lots of change going on again. Keeping things stable and comfortable is far more important right now than running around. There is plenty of time for that.

Whatever you choose to do to celebrate Independence Day here in the States, I wish you well.


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