Menopause is a bitch!

That’s right. I said it. Menopause is a bitch!

I want to talk about sex and aging. It’s one of those things we don’t talk much about as a society. It’s on that hush-hush taboo list. We talk around it, but not about it. It’s time for some real talk!

I had no idea that men’s balls sag with age, sometimes dropping into the toilet. Ladies, did you know that? My chin was on the floor when Daddy told me. Tea bagging just got a whole new meaning, didn’t it?! Wet, saggy balls and viagra…. doesn’t that make you hot?

Daddy and I are at the jumping off point of this adventure. I’d swear sometimes it’s a 3 ring circus trying to have sex! Shoulders, knees, hips, backs, leg cramps with my Sahara Desert pussy as the crowing jewel of delight. Barnum and Bailey’s ain’t got nothing on us! We’ve learned to laugh and find a way to give us both a happy ending. Other days it’s smooth sailing like the good ol’ days.

BDSM and kink have always been great additions to my sex life. Bolstering the D/s dynamic helps increase my low libido. There are so many toys, implements and alternative activities to satisfy us both when sex just isn’t possible. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a slip ‘n’ slide for all the lube to keep things little?

4 thoughts on “Menopause is a bitch!

  1. As I get older, I find more and more occasion to laugh at all those crude jokes my dad would make about sex and getting older. One day our bodies are young, spry, flexible and able to go at it multiple times a day, multiple days in a row. Now it feels like good sex is as much about preparation and luck as it is about “being in the mood”.

    On a serious note, more discussion should happen about this. It happens to all of us who live long enough. It shouldn’t cause shame or embarrassment.

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  2. I should be, at least, a FEW years from the joys of menopause. But, I was JUST explaining, to my husband, what that really means. He made a comment about how, I should be looking forward to no more periods, cramps, etc. I informed him all about the truth of menopause and aging. I know it’s a normal part of aging. Some women are early, some later, but we ALL will experience it, if we’re lucky enough to have the long life we expect to. Aging is something you don’t think about, when you’re young. I used to figure, I’ll be ready, “when” it happens. The cold hard truth is, you don’t “feel” old. I don’t “feel” older than I did at 20. I’m not ready to be older. It just happens. The days go slow, but the years go fast. I know some pretty damn sexy mamas who are well into their 60s, though! It’s just a number. Even if our men are losing the hair on their head, growing hair on their back, and their balls sag. Even if, we have vaginas dry as the Sahara desert, hot flashes, and our boobs aren’t so perky. You will always be beautiful, and DESIRED, by the person who loved you, for you, yesterday.

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