Happy Summer Solstice

Tomorrow I will be celebrating the summer solstice in the Redwoods with Daddy and the puppies. I’m looking forward to this particular holiday. It’s a fire festival dedicated to the sun, the beginning of the harvest season and abundance among other things. The Goddess I work most closely with, Aine, is the traditional Goddess honored this solstice.

Winds of change are blowing in our life right now. The perfect time for a time to celebrate the changing of seasons, abundance and to call upon the Goddess and the Good Neighbors (the Fae Folk). A time to give thanks for the gifts bestowed upon us and look upon a bright future.

It’s customary to hold a bonfire starting tonight and burn it through the night and into tomorrow. We don’t have the space to do so. I will be handcrafting a candle infused with magickal intentions to burn at noon while the sun as at its’ peak.

I’ll be doing a bit of kitchen witchery preparing a picnic for us. Herb infused lemonade. Veggies from our garden. Sandwiches on homemade bread. A little something sweet I haven’t decided on yet. Before heading out we’ll put a bit of each item on our altar for the Goddess and the Good Neighbors.

The beginning of summer is here. Wishing you all the joy of long summer days and warm summer nights.

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