Primal Fur

Last night it was cold and our bedroom was downright frigid. Fur was necessary! Our ever growing collection of coats, jackets, mittens, stoles, hats and other warm fuzzies were layed out for warmth and the luscious feeling they add to sex. I’d forgotten just how much I love my vintage raccoon jacket. It’s gorgeous, makes me feel sexy as Hell and is so warm! It matches the raspberry fox fur headband I picked up mid-summer beautifully.

Fur pulls out the primal in us both. Daddy turns into a wild Lion and i am His purring kitten. It’s wild, sensual, savage, playful all at once. The gates to pleasure are unlocked and creativity spills over always in the most unexpected ways.

Edging and orgasm denial were unexpected treats for this girl. Mmmmmm!!!! Being left aching with the promise of more to cum when He decides is one of my most favorite things. Turns me into a puddle of submissiveness eager to please Daddy. *giggles* I’m tingling just thinking about it…

i think there will be plenty to give thanks for on Thursday!

One thought on “Primal Fur

  1. Funny you should mention fur! I hadn’t tied up my Kitten in forever and just last week I blindfolded and tied her to the four poster for some afternoon fun. A rabbit pelt and a wand were incredibly useful for bringing her to and keeping her on the edge until the wolf in me took over. So much fun.
    It is the fall rut….


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