Daddy’s Dress Code

Throughout our relationship Daddy has established rules around my clothing. There isn’t anything which is off limits. What He’s done is set rules about when, where, how and under what circumstances i may wear certain clothes or types of clothing. This is a common thing in many D/s relationships. Tonight i thought i’d talk a bit about what His rules are and why.

As i said before, there is nothing which Daddy would prohibit me from wearing all together. At least nothing i’d want to wear! lol All of the rules He has laid down are based on safety. It didn’t take Him long at all to realize that i don’t always handle sexual attention well. A big part of that is being a little. On the outside i’m a grown woman that’s sexy and looks the part and ideally would handle the attention like a woman my age would. Often times on the inside i’m little… a teenager. i look older and more mature and sexy on the outside than what i’m able to handle emotionally. Meltdowns are not uncommon based on me being overwhelmed by too much unwanted sexual attention. He’s had to piece me back together and protect me more times than i’d care to count. All of His rules are based on helping me deal with the attention i get, keeping me safe, and making sure He’s there to protect me from what would be too much for me.

i never leave the house without being put together. That’s just now who i am. Especially as a married submissive woman. Everything about me reflects back on Daddy. Everything! Lately, we’ve been pushing the limits of how i dress when we go out together. The collar has become a standard part of my dress when we’re out together. my skirts have been getting shorter, heels higher, lipstick redder and my blouses sexier. This is not a look which is new to me in the least, though we’re delving deeper into making it a part of who we are out in the world.

The other night after being out in a particularly sexy outfit and Daddy needing to say something to a guy that was pushing boundaries, i mentioned to Daddy that i used to wear that outfit out often before He moved to California to be with me. i mentioned a few of the other combinations i wore.

There’s never been a point in our relationship, from Day 1, that Daddy didn’t know where i was, who i was with, what i was doing and what i was wearing. None of this was a surprise to Him. His perception has shifted now that we’ve been together longer, He lives with me… and yes, now that i’m His wife.

As i told Him about the mini skirts, no panties and the whole works, i watched Him curl up on Himself until His arms were crossed and His handsome face looked pinched and upset. Again, none of this was news to Him. A reminder of times past and Him taking care of me from a distance without having all the necessary rules in place and the ability to literally step in and keep me safe. Daddy gets jealous now and then, but never in a bad way. Mostly possessive. i’m HIS wife… His little one. He wasn’t looking at me when He said, “Well, we weren’t married then!” That was the end of that conversation! *giggles*

Because i run around in little space a great deal of the time i lack the awareness of myself as a sexual being no matter what i’m wearing. i’m friendly, smiley, chatty and a natural flirt. Even when i’m not intending to flirt, i flirt a lot!! Recipe for disaster? Yeah… kinda! i’ve been known on more than an occasion or two to find myself overwhelmed because on the inside i’m 12 or 13 and that’s not how i’m being perceived… or it’s perceived as being intentional and a come on. Daddy helps protect me from myself!!! šŸ™‚

First off, i will say that i am allowed to go out on my own. He’s not that protective and strict. šŸ˜‰ He puts limits on when and where. Sets a curfew for safety unless i’m out with Him. Added to this are dress codes for when i’m out alone versus with friends and with Him.

When we’re together, i may wear pretty much anything. There is no limit to how sexy i can dress. There are a few skirts and dresses which i may only wear with Him, some of them require panties while out at all times. There’s a middle ground when i’m out with friends, especially my friend, T. He knows that T will never let anything happen to me! Going out by myself, i have a great deal of freedom still in how i dress. Sexy is still more than ok. Reigning it in is mandatory! Mini skirts, cleavage and boots…. yeah, no! Not when He’s not with me. Some combo of those things are acceptable. He’ll also determine what is allowed by how i am that particular day…. and just how much He’s able to handle me being out in the world being ogled without Him. šŸ˜‰

Most of the subs/slaves i talk to who have dress codes set by their Dom/Daddy/Master is based on the preference of their Doms. What they like to see their sub in. Don’t get me wrong, Daddy does this, too! He just happens to really like my sense of style. šŸ˜‰ Daddy just sets my dress code primarily based on my safety and His ability to know that i’m going to be safe in all ways out in the world.

Being in a DD/lg relationship as a little creates a different set of rules for things and reasons behind them than your typical D/s or M/s relationship. Not something i think about all that often.

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