Primal Fur

Last night it was cold and our bedroom was downright frigid. Fur was necessary! Our ever growing collection of coats, jackets, mittens, stoles, hats and other warm fuzzies were layed out for warmth and the luscious feeling they add to sex. I’d forgotten just how much I love my vintage raccoon jacket. It’s gorgeous, makes me feel sexy as Hell and is so warm! It … Continue reading Primal Fur

Why do i love fur?

Daddy just wrote His reason for loving fur, so i thought i’d follow suit with what draws me to it. Take a gander at His post and hit the old like & follow buttons @: i can’t remember a time when i haven’t been drawn to fur. i was a child of the 80’s which was a decade of decadence and glamour. Fur is … Continue reading Why do i love fur?