Yes, I’m Snarky!

Roughly 10 years ago I decided I was tired of being grossly overweight and out of shape. I changed my lifestyle drastically. I got active walking 5-8 miles daily, going to the gym almost every day and getting my food plan back on track. I lost and maintained 120 pound weight loss for about 8 years. (I’ve gained 20 back since the pandemic.) I had … Continue reading Yes, I’m Snarky!

Catholicism v. Women

Big local headlines recently about the Arch Bishop of San Francisco denying Nancy Pelosi communion because she publicly supports abortion rights. Ms. Pelosi wasn’t chastised based on her personal beliefs, rather because she’s a woman in power exercising her voice for all women! The way women’s rights are being attacked by the Christian right, it wouldn’t surprise me if a new edition of The Witches … Continue reading Catholicism v. Women

BDSM Dates Back to Ancient Mesopotamia

As always, I’m astounded by the people who think they are qualified to be sex educators. As sexual creatures, we can all share our experience, tips and tricks and information we have gleaned from reputable sources. A Master’s Degree in sex education is required to actually educate others and know all the ins and outs (pun intended) of sexuality and all that goes with it. … Continue reading BDSM Dates Back to Ancient Mesopotamia