Ask Daddy & kitten

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For the last little bit i’ve been short on ideas of things to write about. For a kitten who chatters all the time, i’m at a loss for words on my blog. So, i’m bringing it to you, my readers. Open Q & A for me and my Daddy.

DD/lg, kink, lifestyle, relationship questions all welcome!!

Comment below with your questions and we’ll get to them.

Thank you for reading my blog ♥

7 thoughts on “Ask Daddy & kitten

  1. I love all your thoughts posts because I always learn something new. You’ve so much to share that honestly, whether you blog about building your relationship (the compromise and ups/downs), taking care of yourself, recovery, communication, I’ve learned from it all… and you give hope.
    More and more I’m seeing how much I love seeing others photography and scrapbooking and creativity.

    Love, light and glitter

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