Finding new kinks…

Seven years ago, I found myself thrown into the world of BDSM with no clue what I was about to see, hear, experience and be willing to try. A flippant comment to a prospective date got a referral to Fetlife before we met. That man changed my life forever in the best ways possible. He’s long gone, but BDSM and kink has become a mainstay in my life. I wasn’t exactly vanilla before. I simply had all this untapped potential. *wink, wink*

I don’t think I’m different from most people in that my interests have changed and expanded since I started down this path. I can’t hardly believe how restrictive my hard limit list was at first compared to now. Time, experience, knowledge, exposure and trust in a safe partner have blown down walls.

Impact play was one of those things I wasn’t terribly interested in. Barehanded spanking has always been fun, but that was my limit. I looked at the whips, floggers, paddles, riding crops and the myriad of other tools with daunting fear of what they must feel like. I’m not a masochist in any shape or form. Nothing could seem more unsexy or appealing to me…. until I saw them up close and personal in an adult toy store.

Before purchasing, I asked Daddy to spank me with His leather belt. Ohhhhh!!! What a treat that was. We went back to the store and picked up 2 new toys. A small leather and fur flogger and the matching heart shaped soft leather paddle. Let me tell you, these two toys have gotten more use than anything else I own.

Here it comes. A new kink has been discovered. Is it a kink, fetish, love? I don’t know exactly, but WOW!!!! We went to San Francisco’s leather district a few weeks ago and I brought home a studded riding crop. OMFG!!! Where has this been all my life??

We did a little testing when we first got home, but the real test came a few days later. Blindfolded teasing and snaps of pain were the order of the day bringing me to an oozing puddle of submissive begging before cumming over and over with Daddy’s new-found skill.

My exploration into impact play has led me to a few new fun discoveries about myself and my pleasure. Blindfolds are this girl’s best friend. I absolutely love the crack of a flogger and riding crop (both sides!) on my nipples. Ohhh my! Lastly, I can orgasm from the riding crop snapping on my sensitive pussy.

I’m wet writing this and Daddy will be home in a few minutes. *giggles* I hope this give you some inspiration to try a new toy… or at least pull one out you haven’t in a while.

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