10 Days & Counting!

Nothing brings out the little in me like my birthday! Sometime around April i start getting excited and reminding everyone around me that i have a birthday coming up. As it draws near i can hardly contain myself!!! In my little heart the entire month of June is my birthday, though i’m not one of those outwardly obnoxious people who force it on others 3 weeks after it’s passed. i simply revel in the joy of being special for as long as humanly possible.

This year is the big one! i’m turning 50. Yes, you read that right. On the inside i am always somewhere between 5 and 15, but my outside adult self has gone around the sun almost 50 times.

Daddy always spoils me for my birthday! W/we met just a couple weeks before my birthday and He surprised me with a fun, kinky present. A beautiful, pink fox fur tail with a shiny buttplug making it even more fun to wear. *SQUEEL* It’s still one of my favorite things 4 years later. Daddy has surprises for me this year, too. He let me go a little crazy buying what i want this year. i’ve gotten a wide selection of things, but the biggest and most exciting is arriving today. A 5 tier, self-watering, gardening system. OMG! i’m itching to go plant shopping for it. Daddy keeps telling me to be patient, we’ll go this weekend when He’s off. It’s so hard for a little girl to wait that long!!!!

BBQ birthday party at O/our house on the 12th. Just a couple people, but that’s always the most fun. Go swimming, eat good food, maybe a present or two if i’m a good girl between now and then. 🙂

i’m not vain about my actual age, but i think i’ll ask Daddy to get me one of those chunky 5 candles to go on my birthday cake. i’m out to the guests coming, so it won’t be a shock or inappropriate.

i’ll do my very best not to bombard you all with daily birthday countdown posts. Just know that i’m beside myself with wiggles, giggles and excitement as the day comes closer.

10 thoughts on “10 Days & Counting!

    1. Thank you so much, Nora!!! I caught one of your posts on a life update from my cell, where I can’t comment from my account. I’m so sorry to hear your husband isn’t well. Big hugs and healing energy going your way. Chronic stress is exhausting on all levels and will definitely put the kabosh on the sex drive. Thank you for taking time to read my post and comment with all that’s going on in your life. ♥

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  1. Happy early Birthday and happy anniversary! My Kitten and I are celebrating 5 years this summer as well. Best thing that ever happened. Be well and have fun!

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