Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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First time I saw this film was in the theater. I had no idea what it’s about. I sat in the theater after stunned in total silence. Told my mom she had to see it. I refused to tell her anything about the movie. A few days later we went to see it. Same reaction.

Tonight I’m sitting in my living room watching it again. Harder to watch knowing what happens.

Putting names and faces with a human spin on this film makes it worth watching time and again.

7 thoughts on “Boy In The Striped Pajamas

  1. Very emotionally gripping movie indeed!

    The “fence” that separates Bruno and Shmuel is representative of the many things that separate people of different cultures, races, ethnic backgrounds and so on and the young reader can hopefully see the futility of such defined differences. Even though Bruno and Shmuel have different lives and different perspectives of the world, once Bruno puts on the pajamas, he effectively breaks through not only the real fence but also that imaginary fence that separates the friends, to the point that it is “quite extraordinary.” The differences still exist because Bruno is “nowhere near as skinny….and not quite so pale” but the differences are immaterial and Bruno blends in to his new surroundings.

    John Boyne

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