Little Talk

Today I’m going to talk about what it means to be a little. What it’s like. What activities and feelings are associated with being a little along with the difference between age play and little space.

Littles are adults who regress to a younger, child-like place mentally and emotionally. This state is referred to as Little Space. Being in little space is almost exactly like subspace…. except there is an emotional component of feeling younger than your biological age. That same floaty, euphoric mental state is there. That’s the whole draw to being a little!

Littles and age players are not the same thing!!! Not all littles are submissive. Not all littles are sexual in little space. Age play is a variety of sexual role play.

I can’t emphasize enough that little space is a state of mind, like subspace, and not the activities being done. As a little/middle I can be in little space grocery shopping, scrubbing the bathtub, hiking or sipping my morning cup of coffee. It’s not about the clothes I’m wearing or what I’m doing.

The activities which littles choose to enjoy during little space are things they are interested in anyway. Watching movies, reading books, playing baseball, building with legos (girls and boys!), snuggling with your partner, baking, gardening, riding your bike… the list is endless.

Next time you want to know about littles… ask one!!! There are lots and lots of us and we’re all different. The one thing we all have in common is wanting to be understood.

12 thoughts on “Little Talk

    1. Thank you, Sweetie. β™₯ I’m delighted to have that recognized!!!!

      Sharing our kinks and what they mean and how they work can be helpful for those exploring. Understanding terminology is useful so that we don’t accidentally kink shame or misunderstand what someone is talking about.

      Any new pics or posts? I’ve been knitting up a storm the last couple days…. πŸ˜€

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      1. We’re OK. Headed for a hotel today for a week of serious fun while our kitchen is finally remodeled. ;P Are you safe down there??? We’ve been impacted by the smoke and stress of fires in our county, but not immediately impacted. We’re luckily not in the immediate area.

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      2. Glad you’re safe! The air quality is doing a number on me. I’m on/off prednisone constantly and should just buy stock in the cough suppressant pearls. They work amazingly well. Hopefully life will be back to a more normal state soon.

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