Munching at Round Table

Last week Daddy and I went to our first local munch. He was a little hesitant at first. Neither of us had done it before. I found all the details and RSPV’d a resounding yes. As I described it to Daddy, how could anything at a local pizza place be something scary? *giggles* It most certainly was not!

Daddys’ worry is always protecting me in uncertain situations. I adore Him for that!!! I never have to worry about anything when Daddy’s around. Pizza with strangers. How bad could it be…. except for the choice of pizza joints. lol Daddy is a total pizza snob.

Gotta say from the moment I walked in it was comfy. I saw someone I knew from other parts of my life years ago. Instant place to sit and everyone was friendly. I met a couple of nice ladies that were fun to talk to. Vanilla interests talked about along with kink light suitable for public. Plans for renewing the local munches were made along with classes led by some of the more experienced people. It was a total delight!!!

Driving home, Daddy and I talked about our future in going to local events and munches given our experience. A resounding YES rang out on both sides. A comfortable group of people welcoming all to participate. It was smooth and easy and totally non-threatening. I’m looking forward to our next munch! Hopefully a better spot than Round Table, but still…. šŸ™‚


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