Kinky Work

Good morning! Work is going beautifully. I’ve found ways to incorporate my witch craft and creative business into my BDSM/kinky lifestyle. It makes it all that much more fun!!!! A friend came over the other day and we crafted a sex potion that kicked up the heat in my sex life! Lust like a teenager from just a sprinkle of this potion. *giggles* Yes, I … Continue reading Kinky Work

Hip Hip Hooray for Role Play!

Come play with me? Live out the fantasy of being someone new. Have sex with a stranger, get kidnapped, be a Russian spy interrogating an American CIA agent, do naughty things with your brother, be a cheap hooker or fuck an alien being with 10 tentacles. The scenarios are only limited by your imagination and what your partner consents to. I’d always been curious about … Continue reading Hip Hip Hooray for Role Play!

Anniversary Romp (NSFW, 18+)

Ah yes, the romp Daddy and i had on our anniversary was…. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! This sexy little red strappy thing got lost at the bottom of my lingerie drawer and came out for a visit that night. *winky, winky* i skipped the coat and added 5″ silver studded fuck me heels. Ohhhh…. it was all Daddy could do to stop Himself from ripping my clothes off! … Continue reading Anniversary Romp (NSFW, 18+)

Public Kink: Consent or Preference?

There is a divide I see among kinksters about public kink centered around other peoples consent. I’m whole heartedly on the side of it being a personal preference. I do agree that there are limits to what kinky activities are acceptable in public, but I hold vanilla couples and sex to the same standards. We have laws around sex and nudity for many, many reasons. … Continue reading Public Kink: Consent or Preference?