Lady Jo & FinDom

I read an article the other day which gave me a new outlook on Financial Domination or FinDom. I’d only heard of financial domination is terms of a sub turning over their finances to their D-type like in a M/s dynamic or a 1950’s style relationship. I didn’t realize that there are subs out there turned on by being humiliated into giving a D-type money. I know, I know…. I’m late to the ball and wearing last season’s dress, too. Bear with me. I have some thoughts on the topic.

Cash Queen Deliah
Courtesy of Cash Queen Deliah

I’ll admit that when I first started reading about paypigs and a woman humiliating a man into giving her money I was kink shaming up a storm in my head. If I’m honest, it wasn’t kink shaming. I was going off the societal standards of acceptable behavior. Then I started to think more about it… hence this post. 😉

Paying a Domme for Her services is quite common. It’s a deeper level of humiliation for a submissive man. Not all Dommes charge and not all male subs are turned on by humiliation… or perhaps not in that particular way.

In my Tindr days I’d ask a guy I was talking to when he was going to buy me dinner. I took more than a few by surprise with my bold invitation. Most of them found it to be turn on and none of them turned me down. Meet my switch side, Lady Jo! Telling a man to buy you dinner isn’t the same as telling him to give you cash for the pleasure of talking to you, but it’s not a far cry for a woman with the inclination to go that route. See? Judgey Jodie is gone.

I quickly saw the link between Domme and sub… the draw for both. It’s a kink in and of itself. It’s one I can totally see Lady Jo enjoying! The more I thought about it, the more I delighted in the thought of that power exchange.

2 thoughts on “Lady Jo & FinDom

  1. Although I could never personally be into something like this, I can see where the appeal could lie for those who are into this sort of dynamic. Good communication and healthy strong relationship would definitely be key points in this. Along with a good through vetting process to make sure the payer is not being taken advantage of by payee! 🙂

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    1. You’ve hit on a really good point!!! That last part about being taken advantage of was along the lines of the next post I was going to write on the subject. Catfishing and/or love scams use humiliation and promise of more as the means to take money from people. The difference, as I see it, between the D/s dynamic and scamming is consent.

      Any Dom that’s taking advantage of a sub (financial or otherwise) isn’t a Dom…. they’re a predator.

      Thank you so much for your comment!!!!

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