Long, emotional weekend

This was the weekend that would NEVER end! You know everything major happens on Friday night, just after everyone and everything has closed. Well, this weekend it was Saturday afternoon. I posted the other day that I woke up to Grumpy vomiting in our bed followed by 4 more times throughout the day. After 3 in less than an hour, of course right after Daddy … Continue reading Long, emotional weekend

Struggling to stay focused

I started cleaning house about 8:30 am. A little over 3 hours later and I’ve only gotten the sofa cushions straightened out. lol Well, not only. Just the only task I’ve completed start to finish. The phone rang and it was my brother calling about the house. Not an unpleasant call, but still not particularly fun. As I told him that we’ve hired an attorney … Continue reading Struggling to stay focused