Daddy & Life Updates

We’ve been fighting together to save our marriage. After the last discovery of his online shit show hard lines were drawn. The immutable lines which may not be crossed, boundaries around respect and how to begin rebuilding trust. The most honest of feelings and experiences are no longer hidden in the corners to be tip toed around. To be honest, most of the time it’s … Continue reading Daddy & Life Updates

Blocking IP Addresses: A Waste of Money!

Should someone piss you off to the point of really wanting them gone, DO NOT take the expensive option of blocking an IP address. It’s foolish and an utter waste of money. Yes, I’ve heard of people doing that here on WP. Blocking an IP address is a waste of time and money! An IP address is changeable. Switching a motum off and back on … Continue reading Blocking IP Addresses: A Waste of Money!