T.M.I. Tuesday

1. What is something new you’ve done because you are under coronavirus self-quarantine? Honestly? Only one thing. I’ve started watching the news a couple times a week. 2. What three habits have improved your life? Cleaning house daily so it’s not a huge, overwhelming task. Building “me time” into every day. Creating a healthy relationship with food. 3. What really makes you angry? Anger isn’t … Continue reading T.M.I. Tuesday

Why is atheism hard to understand?

I’m truly curious why there are so many people I run into who don’t grasp that as an atheist, I don’t believe in a source or creator, gods, goddesses of any kind or number, or even a higher power. There is… NOTHING. This isn’t unsettling to me. I don’t feel the need to feel connected to something larger than myself or even a sense of … Continue reading Why is atheism hard to understand?

Sick & Tired

Literally. My asthma has flared really bad in the last couple of days. I’m waiting for the phone to ring for an appointment with the asthma doctor. Get prednisone on board once again. Since I’m sick and advised against leaving the house I decided to look at some online shopping and delivery services for groceries and basic necessities. Yeah… so here’s the thing. Safeway isn’t … Continue reading Sick & Tired

T.M.I. Tuesday COVID-19 Edition

1. Assume that in the future there will be huge leaps in human augmentation. Given a scale from completely human to completely machine, how far would you choose to augment yourself with robotics? What parts would you augment and why? I’d choose not to augment with robotics at all. I’m a firm believer that just because we can doesn’t mean we should. This is not … Continue reading T.M.I. Tuesday COVID-19 Edition