Be A Decent Human Being

The whole world is talking about bigotry and racism right now. I have to jump on the bandwagon once again. I’ve finally given up trying to steer clear of politics in general. I’m finding that there is so much hatred going on in multiple segments of society that to stay quiet and be tolerant is morally reprehensible. I am the first to admit that I’m extremely set in my ideals and values. I don’t have a whole lot of tolerance for some ideologies that vary too far from my own. Please know that if you choose to read, you’re entering the mind of a stubborn, hardcore liberal.

We’re in the middle of Pride month and #45 opts to kill Trans rights to medical care based on the providers values and thoughts on it. We’re fighting a global pandemic that is impacting every human being on the planet in one way or another. Racial prejudice has come to the forefront once again with the murder of George Floyd by cops.

What I see is that our people are under attack by nature and each other! We can’t stop or control what’s being dished up from good ol’ Mother Nature, but we sure as Hell can make a change in attacking our own race! Our planet has reached a boiling point helping us stop and deal with bigger issues than how much money you make and your relationship status.

The numbers of people I see complaining about the civil rights movements happening right now irks me beyond belief! Don’t get me wrong… it’s stressful and emotionally exhausting. There is a part of me that cries for the peace and quiet of life pre-COVID 19. What I see and hear when people are whining about change and “put it in the past” along with all the other status quo folks is PRIVILEGE!!!

Each and every one of those people are being told it’s time to change. What they’re doing and their belief systems are WRONG. If you’re that uncomfortable by the BLM movement, LGBTQ rights, ending rape culture for women… YOU”RE THE PROBLEM!!! Plain and simple.

I hear people say all the time that they’re not racist or they’re color blind. Passive racism is still racism. If you’re not aware of your bias, then you’re racist.

My mother was one of the most racist people I’ve ever met. She was passively racist. She fought for integration and civil rights in the 1960’s. She continued to do all sorts of social justice work through the remainder of her life. She would NEVER consider herself to be racist. Anything but! Yet, I grew up with racial slurs like “nigger rich” and constant negative attitudes towards Hispanics… immigrants and American born. She loved her mixed grandchildren (Mexican American/ Caucasian) all the while believing that my brother married a Latina woman because he lacked the self-esteem to marry “one of his own”. The things she said about my ex-husband prior to meeting him based on being black were atrocious! Her views on the LBGTQ community were less than kind. Yet…. my mother considered herself to be liberal, tolerant and not racist.

I don’t understand why it’s so hard to empathize with those different from us. Why is it difficult to be kind and protective towards a black person? How is it acceptable to view their life as less than another? The same goes with those in the LGBTQ community, especially those who are trans?

I’ve reached a point that I won’t tolerate people in my life who make racial slurs. I don’t care if you approve of abortion or not… you don’t get to choose for other people! If you aren’t able to find an ounce of kindness and support for a LGBTQ person, you’re a bad human being!! If you vote for politicians who support hate and stripping rights from others, once again… YOU ARE A BAD HUMAN BEING!!!

I’m not going to stand by and be friends with someone who supports hate and hurting others. I’m not asking anyone to like or approve of any different lifestyle of set of beliefs. I’m demanding that people be KIND and HONOR the humanity in others.

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE to be a bigoted, racist human being!

4 thoughts on “Be A Decent Human Being

  1. I live with such people. They aren’t racist or bigoted in the typical way, they’re religious and some view everyone not as less. Actually not those not religious, those not. Oh whatever. Just makes me so crazy.

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