Dark Humor Ho!!!

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♥ my Daddy ♥

One of the first things that connected Daddy and i was our deeply, dark, sarcastic sense of humor. i haven’t found many people in life who are quite as dark as i am. The two of us bat darkness back and forth until we’re doubled over in pain laughing.

When the hard tides of emotions come we listen, talk it out and then inevitably one of us, usually me, will lighten it up with something wildly inappropriate and hysterically funny. Well, it’s funny to us anyhow. 😉

These days are hard on everyone. i have friends that are crafting constantly and meditating. Others are getting outdoors and filling their time with exercise. Neighbors are working on their homes.

Now that i feel better i flux in and out of little space where i’m giddy and snuggly soaking up cartoons and coloring and my sinister side that’s wildly dark and finds humor in the depravity of the human condition. The more inappropriate it is, the more satisfying the humor.

We sink into our romantic Daddy/kitten times with flirting and snuggles. Daddy turns me into a puddle of a melty kitten with ease. He knows me so well. Where to push and pull and guide to keep me dealing with each new day as it comes. Keeping me happy means that i’m there to bring balance back to Him at those times when it gets to be too much.

my kinks are dark these days. Rough and hostile on the surface. A bit of superhero play is scheduled for His days off this week which are today and tomorrow. From the darkness i find the light whether it’s humor or sex.

i lean into Daddy as we walk this path together like all the others. We laugh until it hurts. We zing back and forth until one of us is embarrassed at just how dark we got. We snuggle and eat together. We flirt. Hold hands. Dream of the days to come when the world is back to a semblance of normal.

Mostly? We LAUGH!

9 thoughts on “Dark Humor Ho!!!

      1. Gosh I’m craving those extremes more too! I’m thinking all this external stress brings it on. It’s a great outlet! And watching you sucking cock…so so SO craving that again!!! So thank you for sharing!!

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