Why is atheism hard to understand?

I’m truly curious why there are so many people I run into who don’t grasp that as an atheist, I don’t believe in a source or creator, gods, goddesses of any kind or number, or even a higher power. There is… NOTHING.

This isn’t unsettling to me. I don’t feel the need to feel connected to something larger than myself or even a sense of a collective conscious. I know many people do. Why is it so difficult to imagine that I don’t find comfort in that or even a personal value in it?

I don’t fall into the camp of being agnostic where I’m waffling and not really sure of what I believe. Giving me the right information, a new perspective, new wording for it will not sway my belief that there is any great being or source out there.

For some reason the simple words of, “I’m an atheist and don’t believe in a source”, is enough to turn people’s worlds upside down. I don’t ask anyone else to believe as I do. Why is there a need in most people to try to convince me that I really do and just call it by another name?

Enough quandery for the day. This topic of convincing me comes up each and every time I assert my atheism. I simply wonder why atheism is so hard to grasp.

5 thoughts on “Why is atheism hard to understand?

  1. Many people can’t fathom not having that safety blanket. They need it, they would feel lost and alone and scared without it, so someone being able to function without religion is a completely foreign concept to them. At least, from what I have observed.

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  2. I think some them only believe in the fluff of the Bible and completely ignore the bad parts. And think there’s something wrong is for not buying into this,” good book” ideology.

    I also think people want something else to blame for some of the bad things that have happened on earth instead of taking responsibility.

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