My First Munch

Last week Daddy and i went to our very first munch. We opted for a DD/lg themed one for our first. Zoom had positives and negatives. It got us to one easier than if we’d had to go out. Covid isn’t all that kept us from going to one all this time. i’ve been uncomfortable going on my own and Daddy has said NO to me going without Him… and until this one He’s been unwilling to go. The ease of sitting at dining room table made it possible.

So what was the munch like for me? Overall it was OK. i think i’d enjoy it much more in person. When you have 16 people online and only 1 person can talk at a time it’s not very interactive. The natural process of talking to the person next to you is lost… along with the ability to mingle.

A huge experience for me was being so much older than all the other littles there. my little age is right there with them, but my biological age is old enough to be their parents!!! In an online setting like that it wasn’t easy for me to relax and get into little space where i’d react like a little. i was very much my 48 year old self. Daddy expressed being keenly aware of this, too. The discomfort was totally my own, but it was there.

When all was said and done, Daddy and i decided that we’d find a munch with people more our own ages…. or create a munch that fits us a little better. We both found the importance of having a community where it’s not only safe, but fun and accepted to be ourselves beyond our living room. 🙂 Being an older little has some hurdles to jump over because i didn’t “grow up” in the little community. Daddy & i will find our group!!!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “My First Munch

  1. I completely understand! Being an almost 40 year old little/middle makes being a member of our community sometimes difficult! But i love being me and wouldn’t change a thing! Embrace who you are and all of your beautiful self! ❤️

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    1. i won’t change or not enjoy who i am for anyone!! ♥ The bioligical age is something a little hard since i’m pushing 50 and littles are all the BDSM rage for the youngsters. 😀 They still ARE little. *giggles* i’d love to have a community of little/middles and our partners closer to our ages… yours, mine, my Daddy’s. Perhaps it’s something for me to work towards creating???

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