Catholicism v. Women

Big local headlines recently about the Arch Bishop of San Francisco denying Nancy Pelosi communion because she publicly supports abortion rights. Ms. Pelosi wasn’t chastised based on her personal beliefs, rather because she’s a woman in power exercising her voice for all women! The way women’s rights are being attacked by the Christian right, it wouldn’t surprise me if a new edition of The Witches Hammer is released to quiet the liberals and women back into submission to conservative male rule!

Since the inception of Catholicism, they have done everything possible to force their views and religious beliefs on every corner of the Earth. How do you think Christianity has spread across the globe? It wasn’t peaceful people moving to new lands taking their faith with them. All of the Protestant branches of Christianity are in rebellion to Catholicism. Somehow all those believers manage to separate themselves from the horrors of Christianity still taking a stranglehold on the world we live in. Let go of the damn hypocrisy and own your shit as a supporting member of the tribe.

When my husband read this article, he immediately jumped to the thousands of boys molested by priests without any real consequences for the church covering it up. I see it as a bigger issue correlating them all together. The church is too big and too powerful. They have insurmountable amounts of money with a constant cash flow around the world. They have blind followers to protect them. The maintain tax exempt status. People seem to forget that it was only a couple hundred years ago that the Catholic church ruled the world!

I don’t care if you’re pro-choice or pro-life. What matters is any group of people forcing their beliefs on others as the only way. When the pope supported the Archbishop, the entire Catholic church took a stand against abortion leading by intimidation. I’ve reached a point where I cannot find any excuse to support the Catholic church or its adherents at all. Those who still choose to follow the tenants of the faith are lacking in morality and common sense. How many times can people excuse the serious wrong doings by one group without questioning the validity of their intentions?

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