kitten Rambles

My brain has been busy today. Not unlike every other day, except full of things I want and need to get done. I’m feeling a tinge of frustration at not being able to get back to normal activity as quickly as I wish. Thank the Sidhe, I’m no longer an invalid!

I have floors to wash, a vegetable garden to plant, grocery shopping to do and a business to start. There are probably a few more things on that list, but isn’t that enough? Spring and summer are when I’m ready able to tackle the world. It’s warm and sunny, I have an abundance of energy and will to get things done. Fortunately, in California, those months are longer than many other parts of the world. My exuberance is very possibly when landed me with the pinched nerve in the first place. I’m slowly getting things done, little by little.

I’ve told those closest to me that I am starting a home-based business. I’ll be offering my serves as a psychic along with selling witchcraft related items, charms, handmade spell candles, essential oils and a few other things. Creating stock is the most fun part of this venture for me. Meditating is the second best. Yes, I absolutely love to meditate and go on the occasional shamanic journey. I’m not able to create as much as I’d like right now. My arm won’t cooperate… or I’m in agony after.

I’ve done lots of research on supply chains, business licenses required and many other things. I’m procrastinating on setting up a website and learning how to schedule online appointments. Get myself thoroughly familiar with Skype and the myriad of other logistical things to make the business run. I’m not clueless, but it’s not my area of expertise. I suppose that since I’m not able to create and clean and plant as I’d like to, I will settle in to learn how to do this end of the business. I don’t believe things happen for a reason, however, the opportunity to slow down and do this part without the distraction of being able to scratch the itch to do the other stuff is good.

If I’m truly honest, part of my internal rambling is questioning my ability to make this happen and be successful. Self-limiting beliefs are a joy to work through. I’ve never truly failed at anything I’ve tried, so I don’t see why this would be any different. My only failures are those things I’ve been too afraid to try. Reviewing my beliefs around success might be helpful, as well.

Deep thoughts for a little anxiously waiting for Daddy to get home!

5 thoughts on “kitten Rambles

  1. You never know til you try. That sounds cheesy but take your venture seriously, know you’re going to make mistakes, and be ready to learn from them. Thank(insert name of deity) for Etsy!

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