Kinktastic! (18+, NSFW)

The draught has finally ended! A month without sex makes kitten a crabby girl. Daddy and i had rip snortig, wild cavorting sex that made the wait well worth it. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! Earlier in the day we discussed adding some new elements into our dynamic. The sexual things helped light the fires and sparked creativity. i was the helpless victim of Daddy’s needs!!! Did i say … Continue reading Kinktastic! (18+, NSFW)


It was this time of year that I cried constantly and my heart broke over and over again each time I saw a baby or a pregnant woman. It’s just a few weeks before my little Katie would have been born. It’s been 7 years and still I think of what life would have been like with her. I was supposed to be infertile. I’d … Continue reading Katie