Submission in the Mundane

i’m not going to lie and tell you that when i first entered the kink world i didn’t expect there to be a constant level of in kink in every aspect of my life. Having an online Dom as my first experience made it much easier to experience that. Now that i’m 3.5 years into a full time 24/7 Daddy/littlegirl relationship i find there is a constant balance between everyday life and keeping our hot, kinky sex life at the level we both want it to be.

Many couples have contracts, daily rituals and laid out expectations to keep that part of the relationship constant. Ours is not so structured. There are times when it makes it harder not having the structure, yet it works for us. Daddy is gentle, patient and very much one to dote on me. Even as a little, i am a service sub at heart. Making Daddy happy is what brings me the most pleasure. i live for the ‘good girl’ and seeing Daddy peaceful and happy. He rarely issues orders or commands outside of the bedroom. He wants me to be of service to Him out of respect, love and a desire to please Him. See, it fits like a glove. *giggles*

Daddy’s changed jobs and is working crazy amounts of over time leaving Him physically and mentally exhausted paired with both of us having physical pain issues making our kinky activities intermittent. Let’s be honest, it’s hard to maintain the D/s component or your relationship for long periods when the physical part isn’t there. The roles can slip and find the relationship more vanilla.

Recently Daddy has been feeling guilty for being gone so much and expressing that He feels like He’s abandoning me all the time. i tell Him that i miss Him without whining and being needy. i have dinner ready when He walks in the door and His lunch packed for the day filled with HIs favorite things. Periodically out of the blue i’ll thank Him for working so hard for our family and tell Him how proud i am of Him. i keep the house up so He comes home to a relaxing environment.

Beyond 1950’s housewife stuff, which we negotiated when we met, i sit at His feet when we’re watching TV with my head on His thigh. i play peek-a-boo and other DD/lg playful things to keep Him smiling and laughing.

Sometimes submission is letting go and allowing Him to take care of me. i’m recovering from a pinched nerve in my neck which left me incapacitated from the pain for almost a week. Daddy went into full Daddy-mode handling everything in the house, work, plus taking care of my physical needs and a whiny, ouchy little. If you know me at all, you know i’m a total control freak and incredibly independent. It was an act of submission to have Daddy cut my food and help me get dressed. In all honesty, it was more than a little humiliating. Daddy required me to stay quiet, not do anything for several days and ask Him for pretty much everything i wanted or needed. Yes, doctor’s orders. Being that dependent on Him reminded me in every way that i’m HIS submissive little one.

Grand gestures in Dominance and submission are kick ass! Aren’t they kind of why we all do this? The foundation to it all is in the small things we do each and every day.

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