Date Night With Daddy

Nice afternoon out with Daddy~Monstah ♥ Little bit of shopping and Christmas cheer. On our last stop Daddy had to actually tell some man to leave me alone. The guy started checking me out before i walked in the door, was flirting with Daddy right there arm around me and stood lingering at the checkout counter like he was waiting to ask me out. *sigh* Daddy stepped up into His protective Master role telling the man, “You can go now” with a sharp tone. It worked! Now Daddy’s fixing me dinner and i’m snuggled up on the sofa with the puppies. Never a dull moment when we go out!

Snuggling the pups before we left.
Daddy showing off our new table.
Wanna slice of my pie?
Kisses for Daddy ♥
Posing for Daddy

10 thoughts on “Date Night With Daddy

      1. Cheesecake Fancy refers to my appreciation of slightly naughty but not too much so, photos of women in the WW Two through 1965(?) which were sexy but not overtly sexual. Think the Betty Grable swimsuit picture popular during The War.

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