Witchy little Spell

Over the last 6 months or so, I’ve been diving deeper into witchcraft, paganism and the old ways. My garden is filled with gorgeous blossoms and an outdoor altar to the Good Neighbors (aka: the Faeries). I’ve dedicated pots and pans for brewing potions, making spell candles, soaps and bath salts. My bookcase is rapidly filling with a variety of books as I decipher where my personal path is and delve deeper into the subjects which interest me most.

The little in me cannot resist bubble baths! I get to play with bubbles, relax and smell great afterwards… what’s not to like? A ritual bath is also where I do my best meditating and connecting to the Universe. All boxes are check for this girl.

Tonight, I tried a spell for relaxation and good health making a rosemary and lavender black bath salts from one of the many books. How could I not be excited to soak in black water??? I saw another witch do it on YouTube last week and there was no mess or muss. It went off without a hitch.

Dear Readers, I had an epic fail! The water was certainly black, it was relaxing and smelled nice doing it’s intended thing. Getting out of the tub left me anything but relaxed! My tub was partially black and I had black rings on my body where I hadn’t been fully submerged and eerily black lavender flowers stuck to me requiring a full shower after my bath.

I can laugh now, hours later with the faint scent of rosemary lingering on my skin. When I’d had my little rant with Daddy about it and calmed down, I told Him, “Well, shit happens. Then you clean it up.”

Friends, pick your bath making recipes wisely from a good source… unlike I did today.

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