G0od Evening…

Daddy and i are back into our weekly schedule after a delightful and much needed really fun weekend. We went clothes shopping on our first day which is always so much fun together!!! The fashion shows after are half the fun. 🙂 I talked Daddy into going to stores He doesn’t usually. He found several dress shirts for work and 3 pairs of slacks! Daddy is one of those odd sizes that it’s nearly impossible to find the exact size of pants. I’m surprised He doesn’t holler EUREKA at the check stand. *giggles* I hit the jackpot finding a couple of summer dresses, a new pair of jeans, a couple pairs of shorts, sexy pair of shoes, a blouse or two and a cute skirt. Now I have a nice wardrobe to mix & match for a while and pick up a couple of cheap little tanks and stuff as we get into the crazy hot summer.

Took our enormous UGG king size comforter to the laundromat. Moving that thing around is a Daddy job. It’s all washed and packed away for next fall. It’ll be nice to see it again then. ♥ There are a couple of shops in the strip mall we partcilarly enjoy. We picked up paint for the front door and trim. A gorgeous shade of pink/fuschia. I grabbed a set of crafting paint brushes and a hanger for the last plant in the front yard. I picked up a bunch of perennials for the window boxes a few days before, so planting was on our agenda. 🙂

While Daddy was sleeping yesterday I shoved all the furniture around downstairs. I even moved the piano down about 2 feet. I wore myself out!!! The house looks so much better!!! Simply changing the layout opened the house up 10 fold so it no longer feels clostrophobic. I couldn’t stand it anymore! I ran to Friedman Brother’s and picked up vinyl flooring for the kitchen. I layed that today while He was sleeping. Moving the fridge is a beast!!!

I’m exhausted and my body hurts. My brain has set to default zone out stage. lol Dinner is in the oven. I’ll be in bed by 10pm when Daddy starts getting ready for work.

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