Anniverary Party

Daddy and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary in February. Yayyyy!!! We had a quiet wedding at home with a minister and one witness. We missed having friends and family celebrate with us. We decided around September that we’d have a small gathering of our closest friends and family to celebrate our marriage. It was a delight!!!!

Covid gave us a couple of hiccups. Daddy’s 2 best friends and their wives weren’t able to come out due to Covid related issues. Both of our sisters made it out with their plus ones. It was so nice to finally meet a member of Daddy’s family!!!

It was a whirlwind few days followed by a week off together to unwind and have lots and lots of sex. *smiles*

Daddy’s sister flew in from Massachuesetts two nights before. We met them at the hotel and had a couple of drinks. The next day was action packed! We met early heading out for a hike in the Redwoods and a short drive down Highway 1 where we stopped for fresh caught fish & chips.

A few hours after getting home our other company came over for a cocktail party. The 6 of us stayed up late talking, laughing, munching on snacks and telling all the tales of how Daddy and i met and the embarrassing moments you expect of a good family gathering. It was perfect!!!

i don’t know what i was thinking. i made enough food for a huge party! lol It came in handy for lunch the next day and nosh to send back to the hotel with everyone.

You can’t come to the wine country without hitting a winery! We packed into our cars and headed up to Coppola’s Winery where we took in the beautiful landscaping, movie props and a fantastic round of wine tasting. Neither of us like wine, so the tasting wasn’t as fun. lol i did enjoy a really nice Rose’.

The dinner itself was superb! We ate at a local French country restaurant. Beautifully candlelit dining room with white tablecloths and napkins. We had pink roses as the centerpieces… matching corsage & boutonniere. The food was wonderful and the company even more delightful.

It was hard to say our goodbyes as we left the restaurant. Everyone was heading home very early the next morning.

We got the familial stamp of approval from both families before parting ways. i can honestly tell you that it felt like we’d just been married. Our wedding day will always hold a special place in our hearts, but there is something so special about having your relationship honored and celebrated with the ones you love.

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