Yes, I’m Snarky!

Roughly 10 years ago I decided I was tired of being grossly overweight and out of shape. I changed my lifestyle drastically. I got active walking 5-8 miles daily, going to the gym almost every day and getting my food plan back on track. I lost and maintained 120 pound weight loss for about 8 years. (I’ve gained 20 back since the pandemic.)

I had a renter wrapping up his lease when Daddy first moved in. He was full of unrequested weight loss and work out advice because it’s what he was doing at the time. I listened a lot to what he was doing and shared my own experience, including current regimen. Somehow it never took that I didn’t want his advice on how to lose weight and get in shape… even though I directly told him. I should be fair and say that he had good intentions, despite being irritating.

One day he came back from a bike ride in full costume dripping with sweat telling me once more how to get in shape. I told him I’m married to a retired professional athlete. I thought his head was going to snap off as he turned to look at me asking me what kind of pro athlete. I regaled the stories of Daddy being a pro cyclist and recruited for the US Olympic team. I don’t think he said much in response.

He never told me how to lose weight or get in shape again!

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