Daddy’s Day 2022

A few years ago, i brought up the topic of celebrating Daddy’s Day. As a couple without children and all of our parents gone, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are open holidays to do with entirely as we wish. In our discussion, we opted to remove all of the traditional meaning from Father’s Day and celebrate His role as my Dominant…. my Daddy. It’s a beautiful thing for us.

i watch Daddy work hard and do everything possible to keep things on track and smooth for our family. He pushes Himself hard both mentally and physically. He dotes on me because He wants to…. even when He’s tired and ouchy. He’s Daddy!! i’m a service sub and it’s hard to watch Him work so hard when there are things i can do. He won’t always let me. Daddy takes really good care of me. ♥

Daddy’s Day is the one dedicated day where He stops (mostly) and allows me to take care of Him. His favorite foods all day, the clicky-mote (remote control) is all His, no expectations other than be happy and spend the day with me. It’s not often i get to pamper Him to the same degree He does me. It’s not for a lack of trying. 😉

Being a Daddy Dom is a big job!! He carries a great deal of responsibility on His big, broad shoulders. Daddy does a great job of balancing between handling life stressors and having me as His adult partner to share the burden. That’s a feat unto itself!!! i know He carries the load with love and appreciation for me, just as i serve Him and obey Him. It seems Daddy celebrates me every day. It sure feels that way. Taking a special day out to give Him a day off and just….. show Him my love and devotion is really special.

Time to go back to bed and snuggle up next to Daddy ending Daddy’s Day perfectly.

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