Devotion (Erotica, NSFW, 18+)

I made it through dinner, crossing my legs tightly in a vain attempt to subdue my need for Daddy’s possession of His property…my cunt dripping to the point of aching. Eyes meeting over dinner, His hand sliding up my thigh dangerously close to my soaked panties. Behaving like the good girl I am, I held polite and fun dinner conversation rather than purring in Daddy’s … Continue reading Devotion (Erotica, NSFW, 18+)

Gift Giving

With Christmas and a slew of traditional gift giving occasions coming up I’m running into one of my most charming little characteristics. *giggles* Wanting to give gifts that I buy for someone immediately. I put a lot of time and effort into finding the perfect gifts for those I love. Hours in the Hallmark store reading every card until I find the one that’s just … Continue reading Gift Giving