Little Space with Daddy

Early Thursday morning i pulled out coloring books and all the stuff that goes with it. i sat at the dining room table with the stuff sprawled all over happy as a clam drinking cranberry-blackberry juice starting to color. It wasn’t long before Daddy was at the table with me coloring pictures of turtles and my little ponies. 🙂 His my little pony picture made … Continue reading Little Space with Daddy

Submission & Chronic Illness Revisited

When i first began this blog i wrote a post about the difficulties of being submissive and having a chronic illness. It’s never easy having chronic medical conditions! Being submissive lends to the emotional impact on me when i’m not well. The last few days have been a prime example. Daddy and i have a system for how we run our home and our lives. … Continue reading Submission & Chronic Illness Revisited

While Daddy’s Away….

kitten curls up in His big chair watching shows on Netflix while the smells of food waft through the house preparing once again for His return. All is quiet and peaceful. The puppies play and romp at my feet after long stretches of snuggling in my lap with their soft little snores soothing me. Housework beckons from the warm embrace of Daddy’s chair. His “good … Continue reading While Daddy’s Away….