Daddy’s Day 2022

A few years ago, i brought up the topic of celebrating Daddy’s Day. As a couple without children and all of our parents gone, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are open holidays to do with entirely as we wish. In our discussion, we opted to remove all of the traditional meaning from Father’s Day and celebrate His role as my Dominant…. my Daddy. It’s a … Continue reading Daddy’s Day 2022

Devotion (Erotica, NSFW, 18+)

I made it through dinner, crossing my legs tightly in a vain attempt to subdue my need for Daddy’s possession of His property…my cunt dripping to the point of aching. Eyes meeting over dinner, His hand sliding up my thigh dangerously close to my soaked panties. Behaving like the good girl I am, I held polite and fun dinner conversation rather than purring in Daddy’s … Continue reading Devotion (Erotica, NSFW, 18+)