Looking vs. Leering

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Fellas, take note… there’s a big difference between looking at a beautiful, sexy woman and leering. The first is a compliment. It’s OK to take notice. It’s flattering. I dress in way that makes most men look. Staring and leering cross into the territory of being uncomfortable!!

I’m gonna be really honest here. I’m used to being looked at and hit on. It’s a routine occurance. Every time Daddy and I go out together there’s at least one man who crosses the line to putting Daddy on guard to protect me. It’s not him being over protective or possessive. It’s got everything to do with other men not having manners and knowing when looking turns into being disrespectful and creepy.

Daddy and I were out running lots of errands today. There was a guy that couldn’t keep his eyes to himself. I’m talking the kind of staring that you just can’t get away from. The creepy guys every woman knows about. He made me feel so uncomfortable that I switched places with Daddy putting distance and my husband between this creep and me. When we swapped spots, I asked Daddy to handle the guy if he didn’t give it a rest.

Creepy isn’t just unsettling, it’s threatening! There’s a legal term for it: Sexual Harrassment.

This is an area where my feminism comes out strongly!!! No matter what a woman looks like or how she dresses, it’s not a reason to be sleazy and disrespectful! Lots of guys need to learn some respect and self control.

7 thoughts on “Looking vs. Leering

    1. My Daddy says “Thank you, very well put.” 🙂

      I’m nearly 50 now… older.. but my mother was 38 when I was born. I was raised with the morals and etiquette of her genration. One of the things I’m grateful for. Manners still mattered and men respected women. I don’t have much tolerance for men who don’t.

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  1. It’s worse when you can feel the eyes on you and know that are leering.

    I happen to like being noticed … as you said it’s a compliment. But the rest, no. Especially if I’m with my husband.

    I once had one guy try to convince me to leave him (this was before we were married) and would not take no for an answer.

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  2. the more that I learn about people the more that I like my cats.

    Mark Twain said the same but he had a dog, he’s dead and the cats said that we can’t afford a dog, so I’m stuck with them.

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