Upon Awakening

my eyes fluttered open a little after 7am sensing it was almost time for Daddy to be home from work. i drifted in and out of sleep for a few more minutes until i just couldn’t lay there any longer. Daddy always comes upstairs and wakes me with kisses after His overnight. Our morning starts with kisses & cuddles before we go down for coffee and chatting before He’s off to bed for most of the day. This morning, i met Him at the door with a grin spanning my face. Hugs and kisses were to come a little later.

Daddy was excited about His blog posts last night and told me about all of them. ā™„ It delights me to see Him light up about sharing Himself! He did exactly what i do with Him when i’ve finished writing. i tell Him all about it and my thinking process and how i hope it’ll go over. šŸ™‚ i don’t do it as much now because it’s been a while, but at first this was part of my writing process. This is exactly what He did this morning. ā™„ i felt special and a part of to get the inside scoop as He filled me in. Yayyyy Daddy!!!! (insert little girl squeal here)

As i poured coffee listening, i looked at Him… walked over and wrapped my arms around Him. Big hugs! Head on His shoulder holding on tight. Long kisses. He pulled back, still holding me and smiled proudly “Thank you, kitten. Now the morning is right.”

We read His posts together and giggled at His special brand of humor. šŸ˜‰ i reached over and took His hand as we sat and read together. MY Daddy! i simply adore Him more than i can ever put words to. i’m forever proud of Him… and to be His.

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