Dressing for Daddy

Dressing me is not something Daddy typically takes interest in. When i ask what His preference is He’ll almost always tell me “Anything you want” or something along those lines. Sometimes He’ll tell me grown up sexy or little girl sexy, but mostly it’s not something He wants to do.

This morning as i headed for the shower i asked Him to pick out an outfit He’d like me to wear today. i also asked Him to help me prioritize some housekeeping tasks. Things feel a bit unmanageable and putting a list of things He wants me to do today is helpful in breaking that overwhelm and do nothing mode.

i got out of the shower to find He’d chosen a tailored grey dress for me. It’s got an empire waist and tucks which emphasize my cleavage and waistline. i paired it with a lightweight turquoise cardigan and black & silver ballet flats. Daddy was quite pleased with the overall outfit!

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