Writing Challenges….

Life kind of went sideways a couple of months ago with my home being torn up due to a major plumbing issue. I found myself struggling to get out of writer’s block. My blog was just beginning to take off and I didn’t want to lose momentum and give up. I took on a writing challenge. One led to a couple more. I’m finding myself wanting to write more about my life and things that matter to me. I find that most of my blogging time is dedicated to writing challenges and now that I’m past my slump…. I’m ready to say Farewell to the writing challenges and spread my wings and fly once again. 🙂

Last week I hit my highest count of 126 views in one day. YAY!!!! Thank you!!! I’m at 98 followers. 😉 I couldn’t be more pleased. It excites me greatly that there are people who enjoy taking part in my life. The feedback and comments I get are awesome. ♥ I’m humbled. Truly. I know my blog is still small in comparison to many, but it’s huge to me! 🙂

I live a kinky life. Good, bad, indifferent. I have a loving relationship which I never dreamed possible. These are the things people seem to want to read about. Read on, friends. 🙂 My life is what I know best. lol Isn’t that the one piece of advice writers are given? Write about what you know?

Thanks for following and bringing brightness into my days. ♥

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