It’s the little things…

In my opinion, a relationship is made up of the little things. There are grand moments and things you never forget, but it’s the little things on a daily basis that make you feel loved. Daddy reminded me of this tonight as i was picking out the red veggie sticks for Him. He commented that He could hear His sister bitching at Him for making … Continue reading It’s the little things…

Cows, horses & sheep, oh my!

A 70 mile drive in Northern California is an adventure through cities, large expanses of rural areas and about 3 different types of vegetation all seamlessly woven together. I’ve spent my entire life here, yet it never fails to astonish me just how beautiful it is. Daddy has never seen anything like it back east. For starters, much of the vegetation here isn’t to be … Continue reading Cows, horses & sheep, oh my!

Anniversary Romp (NSFW, 18+)

Ah yes, the romp Daddy and i had on our anniversary was…. RAWRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! This sexy little red strappy thing got lost at the bottom of my lingerie drawer and came out for a visit that night. *winky, winky* i skipped the coat and added 5″ silver studded fuck me heels. Ohhhh…. it was all Daddy could do to stop Himself from ripping my clothes off! … Continue reading Anniversary Romp (NSFW, 18+)

Fort Bragg

Daddy and i got back late Friday afternoon. We had a splendid time! The drive was long and exhausting, but so very beautiful. Redwood trees for miles and miles. Sheep, cows, goats and vineyards stretching for acres. Our hotel was quaint and right off the highway. They’re in the midst of updating all the rooms. Ours was halfway there. No complaints at all. Good service, … Continue reading Fort Bragg

This little is feeling old.

It’s finally happened. That point in my life where medical stuff is happening for both of us. Not your common cold and flu kinda stuff, but bigger stuff. Multiple appointments for both of us at the same time. LOL That’s the life of… OLD PEOPLE!!! I’m soo not ready! This bout will pass and hopefully it’ll be a long time til the next one. Daddy … Continue reading This little is feeling old.