Fort Bragg

Daddy and i got back late Friday afternoon. We had a splendid time! The drive was long and exhausting, but so very beautiful. Redwood trees for miles and miles. Sheep, cows, goats and vineyards stretching for acres. Our hotel was quaint and right off the highway. They’re in the midst of updating all the rooms. Ours was halfway there. No complaints at all. Good service, … Continue reading Fort Bragg

This little is feeling old.

It’s finally happened. That point in my life where medical stuff is happening for both of us. Not your common cold and flu kinda stuff, but bigger stuff. Multiple appointments for both of us at the same time. LOL That’s the life of… OLD PEOPLE!!! I’m soo not ready! This bout will pass and hopefully it’ll be a long time til the next one. Daddy … Continue reading This little is feeling old.

Daddy’s surgery and random thoughts

Thank you for the kind words yesterday. 🙂 Daddy’s surgery went extremely smoothly. The enormous stone is gone and He’s on the mend. He’s a bit sore, but i could see the difference in Him even by the time we went to bed last night. i foresee a quick recovery for Daddy~Monstah. YAYYYY!!!!! Grumpy woke me up wayyyy too early this morning. i think it … Continue reading Daddy’s surgery and random thoughts

Christmas Shopping with Daddy

What a delightful day! ♥ Daddy and i got up early and began our day with smiles, giggles and happiness. One of His gifts arrived today. i couldn’t hold out… and He agreed, so i gave it to Him. Daddy spent the next hour ooohhhing and awwwing over it! ♥ i’m delighted that i found Him one He’d love. He strapped it to His belt … Continue reading Christmas Shopping with Daddy

Worried about Daddy

After His trip to the emergency room last Thursday night with the kidney stone He’s had a series of doctor appointments over the last two days. Surgery scheduled for January 3rd. The mammoth rock won’t pass on its own. They always call procedures “common”, but it doesn’t change the impact it has on the person having it. Pain, fear, time off work, stress, worry. Add … Continue reading Worried about Daddy