Anniverary Party

Daddy and i celebrated our 3rd anniversary in February. Yayyyy!!! We had a quiet wedding at home with a minister and one witness. We missed having friends and family celebrate with us. We decided around September that we’d have a small gathering of our closest friends and family to celebrate our marriage. It was a delight!!!! Covid gave us a couple of hiccups. Daddy’s 2 … Continue reading Anniverary Party

When Chinchilla and Rabbit Meet

Black Rex Rabbit bomber jacket arrived a few days ago in preparation for the chill fall air. The Chinchilla and leather hat came yesterday. The end of summer sales were just too much to resist! There was no stopping Daddy with quick pics seeing me swaddled in fur. 😉 I’m having an “i love my Daddy” moment. Not feeling terribly sexy and beautiful the last … Continue reading When Chinchilla and Rabbit Meet

Little Space with Daddy

Early Thursday morning i pulled out coloring books and all the stuff that goes with it. i sat at the dining room table with the stuff sprawled all over happy as a clam drinking cranberry-blackberry juice starting to color. It wasn’t long before Daddy was at the table with me coloring pictures of turtles and my little ponies. 🙂 His my little pony picture made … Continue reading Little Space with Daddy