Luck of the Irish

I’ve always had a fascination with dragons, faeries leprechauns and all things magical. My 3rd grade teacher hung a rope swing from the ceiling near the door in early March telling us the leprechauns were visiting when we’d see it swing. To this day it still brings me delight!! *giggles* Please take this story as it’s meant with love in my heart and the adoring … Continue reading Luck of the Irish

Daddy’s Hand

Daddy’s hand encloses mine within His effortlessly Fingers laced and my thumb tucked under His Always His little one Daddy’s hand caresses my face softly Tender touches leading to kisses Fingers laced in my hair Gentle tugs turn lead to Dominating hands pulling my head back harshly His loving hand marks my flesh Daddy’s hand feels no pain He holds back His strength His hand … Continue reading Daddy’s Hand

The Beauty of Ownership

We were dancing cheek-to-cheek in our hotel room after a romantic dinner last July when Daddy started kissing me and pinned me against the wall, looked deep in my eyes and proclaimed, “you belong to ME”. my lip started to quiver and i couldn’t look into His eyes for fear of crying. i was overwhelmed with love. He’d said the words before, but never with … Continue reading The Beauty of Ownership