Rant From A Fierce Kitten

After Daddy and I shared our special time things went sideways. Not with us. With outside, real life stuff.

I got a cancellation notice in email from our car insurance company. I called quite sure I’d paid the bill long since. The woman on the phone was calm and very kind. As we talked I looked to see if I’d actually sent it. I found the bill and the envelope sitting on top of the desk. A shard of fear pulsed through me at another bill to handle this payday.

Having our home in active construction has thrown off our finances due to major additional expenses at not having real cooking facilities. My system of keeping track of our bills isn’t in place because our home is 100% torn up. Daddy pointed out that we still haven’t gotten the reimbursement on almost $600 of receipts turned into the insurance company almost 2 weeks ago.

Then it began. I called our adjuster who is never at his desk. Talked to someone else who said, “What receipts? Your claim is closed.” At this point, I started to shake with the frustration of nearly 2 months of trying to get my home repaired and handle things. I crabbed at that man being very clear that I’ve been unhappy with the corporate part of the company from the start of this claim and I’m seriously considering if I want to renew with them.

The minute I hung up from that call the phone rang. It was the contractor telling me he’s been trying to get a hold of the trustee to pay the initial bill so he can move forward on the remainder of the job. I followed up on that with phone calls to the trustee and an attorney I was referred to for handling the change of trustee. I sent a follow up email to trustee with copies going to all relevant parties. Still nothing! It’s been almost 2 hours.

I called the local insurance office and spoke to the girl who scanned and uploaded all of our receipts 2 weeks ago. I told her how upset I am with the overall process dealing with this claim. She followed up and it and realized she’d made an error. I got the call back from her that I should be hearing from the adjuster in the next few hours and to let her know if I don’t. She apologized profusely and is making sure this gets taken care of today.

Stress levels and anxiety running high. I encouraged Daddy to get some sleep so we could both settle down. Lack of sleep isn’t the best for our emotional coping skills. Honestly, I needed space to settle myself down, too. This situation is the only one which Daddy and I feed on the other’s stress and frustration. lol It’s not funny at all, but I have to laugh out of awareness that this is an issue. Awareness is the first step to fixing a problem, eh? 🙂

Just got a response from the trustee that he’s been in the hospital and will be released later today. The man is 80 years old. Just one more reason for him to be replaced with someone younger… physically and mentally capable of handling the position. I have empathy for his illness. Truly, I do. I also see it as a reminder for why he should have allowed the change to happen 6 months ago when I began the process of replacing him, long before there were major issues.

Deep breaths, centering, finding gratitude in the moment and then taking Ruffi to the park. Little guy brings me so much joy and balance! Time outside and seeing Ruffi happy always set my world straight again… if even for a moment.

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