Camping with Daddy

Last night Daddy took me camping. 🙂 Don’t worry, we didn’t break social distancing rules and go against the shelter in place orders. Nope. We went camping in our living room!!! We ordered a new sofa not long before the shelter in place orders took place and got rid of our old sofa, so we have an enormous open living room purrrfect for all sorts … Continue reading Camping with Daddy

His Voice

NSFW Adult Content I have an aural fetish…. a kink which I don’t hear all that many people talking about. Voice… talking, the sound of a mans voice, inflection, tone…. this is one of the things which pushes me into submission and orgasm faster than anything else. It’s not all voices, all men. It’s less about what’s being said, than how. Phone sex was a … Continue reading His Voice

Luck of the Irish

A quiet day was needed here at the McDaddy house. We slept in late, ran as few errands as possible, spent time catching up on our favorite shows and just relaxing. It was the day we both needed. i couldn’t ask for more. Daddy lured me upstairs for a play session. That’s another post. 😉 Ravenous hunger set in after prodding me on to cook … Continue reading Luck of the Irish

Day 8 of Little Introspection: How do you discover you’re a little?

I didn’t discover I’m a little. I got a name for it and found that having a Daddy in my life made it easier and whole lot more fun. The emotional gratification I found in being a little with Daddy is what I’ve looked for all my life. I really can’t talk about discovering I’m a little without talking about my mom. There were many … Continue reading Day 8 of Little Introspection: How do you discover you’re a little?