Luck of the Irish

I’ve always had a fascination with dragons, faeries leprechauns and all things magical. My 3rd grade teacher hung a rope swing from the ceiling near the door in early March telling us the leprechauns were visiting when we’d see it swing. To this day it still brings me delight!! *giggles*

Please take this story as it’s meant with love in my heart and the adoring teasing of a brat.

I married a leprechaun!! *giggles* Daddy is a proud Irishman! He’s a bit short in stature with the belly of one who eats too many honey cakes left by the believers. He’s mischievous and full of malarkey! Daddy always has a well embellished tale to tell. He’s got a bit of a temper with a threat to ruin your luck if you cross His little faerie girl. He never leaves home without His mighty shillelagh donning a shamrock on His shoulder for good measure.

I love my Leprechaun!!!

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