The Wait Is Over!

Follow up to yesterday’s post about life cock blocking my sex life… The Wait Is Over!

Daddy works graveyard shifts on Tuesdays, so Wednesdays are His day off… kinda. He sleeps half the day. Around 1 pm i crawled in bed next to Him and started gently waking Him up. πŸ˜‰ You know the drill… soft, little kisses, caresses, and because i’m a wee bit of a brat, tiny tickles to just the right spots. Daddy hates being tickled! *giggling* All the starting to whine that “it hurts!”

As anyone knows who has been denied an orgasm for an extended period of time, there comes that point where it’s physically painful. The ache is all consuming and begging is soo within bounds of reasonable! Not the playful, sexy begging like when i want something that Daddy doesn’t really want to give me where i bat my eyes and pout ever so slightly. No, no… the kind of begging that only a desperate person does.

The occasion called for 5″ silver sparkle heels, padlocked collar and a teddy that gives me cleavage to make Dolly Parton green with ency. It was time to be Daddy’s big girl… His sexy slut.

We always sneak in some of those passionate kisses that make the knees quiver. It’s among of long list of kinks. Mostly, Daddy was rough and i was His obedient slut. His property. Yesterday when all was said and done, i had the marks to prove it! Choked and smothered til i had that look of terror in my eyes that makes most Doms crazy with desire and power. He let loose and paddled my ass hard til i called yellow and didn’t stop til i was one strike from calling red. First time i’ve had to use our safe words! i still have paddle marks on my ass. The burn and redness went away fairly fast, but the marks of Daddy’s use are still embedded on my ass. The paddle took the ache away. πŸ˜‰

i wasn’t allowed to cum, with an order that i be prepared for round 2 today.

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