The Wait Is Over!

Follow up to yesterday’s post about life cock blocking my sex life… The Wait Is Over! Daddy works graveyard shifts on Tuesdays, so Wednesdays are His day off… kinda. He sleeps half the day. Around 1 pm i crawled in bed next to Him and started gently waking Him up. 😉 You know the drill… soft, little kisses, caresses, and because i’m a wee bit … Continue reading The Wait Is Over!

Super Hero Role Play

Super Hero role play is something Daddy and i have talked about over the course of our relationship, though never really acted on…..until last night. i asked Daddy to give me a few minutes to prepare for our play session before coming upstairs. It wasn’t planned… it was different. Wonder Woman outfit on complete from head to toe. White fox fur cape wrapped around my … Continue reading Super Hero Role Play

Daddy’s Hand

Daddy’s hand encloses mine within His effortlessly Fingers laced and my thumb tucked under His Always His little one Daddy’s hand caresses my face softly Tender touches leading to kisses Fingers laced in my hair Gentle tugs turn lead to Dominating hands pulling my head back harshly His loving hand marks my flesh Daddy’s hand feels no pain He holds back His strength His hand … Continue reading Daddy’s Hand