Raglan Sweater

i started knitting this raglan sweater for Daddy Tuesday night. Now, i must admit that i knit pretty much all night and that’s why i have so much done at this point. An hour or so yesterday and a couple hours tonight. Just started the 3rd skein a bit ago. He loves it this far and is extremely excited to wear it! Gotta say it helps a great deal that it’s worked from the top down, so it looked like a sweater when He came home from work Wednesday morning and saw it for the first time. 🙂

Waverly Yarn, by Bernat in Beautiful Blue.
4 ply yarn on size 11 needles

i’m quite glad i took a picture of it! lol i haven’t looked at how long it is since last night. It’s reaching about the time where i need to start measuring it for appropriate fit. 🙂 YAY!!! Daddy will be home in about an hour and we can do a length test then.

i’ll be sure to post a finished picture with Him wearing it. ♥

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