i’m dying!!!

OK, maybe not really dying, but i’m seriously starved for an sex!!!!

You know those times when life just gets in the way? Daddy was sick or i was sick, He was working over time, the puppy needed emergency surgery and constant supervision. Life just got in the way. UGH!!

It’s reached the point now where i’m constantly tingling and the simplest of touches from Daddy sends me into fuck me mode. We keep talking about how it needs to happen ASAP and then the next thing gets in the way. Truly, of not fault of our own, life is cock blocking us! C’mon life, stop putting me in a state of constant orgasm denial!!!

Daddy doesn’t believe in orgasm denial. Just so not one of His kinks. It’s so ingrained in me, and how i operate as a sub, that i don’t masturbate without His express permission. i don’t even really want to masturbate… i want Daddy!!!

i’m not sure if i can make it through the day without pouncing on Him! lol It’s His day off and there’s NOTHING in the way of us having a full scale session.

Is an orgasm, or five, in my immediate future? i sure hope so!!!

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