Don’t worry, distract yourself!!

There are a couple of house issues which keep popping up. lol Of course, they always reach a point of needing attention at 9pm on a Friday night when Daddy’s at work.

I’ve been sitting here googling home maintenance issues and solutions when I have no idea what the Hell I’m talking about when it comes to plumbing. lol You know, the woman who goes into her mechanic and tells him the sound her car is making. lol That’s me trying to google plumbing questions.

Daddy’s going to look at it when He gets home tonight. Worrying about it isn’t going to make it any better! I can’t fix it or do anything about it myself. A pipe hasn’t burst, for Christ’s sake! There isn’t water flooding the whole downstairs or anything. Relax and let Daddy handle it. ♥

First time I’ve had a man in my life to handle things like this. Freaking out because I have no idea what it is or how much it will cost has been the norm for many years. Doesn’t take too long anymore for me remember to slow down, relax and let Daddy handle it. If it were urgent, He’d tell me what to do… or He’d rush home.

We got new bedding and curtains in our shopping trip yesterday. Think I’ll go upstairs and distract myself with making things pretty instead of panicking myself hearing the dripping in the walls over the TV. That’s what I can do to take care of my home right this moment.

Nite nite, friends.

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